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Expository Material


The expository material is a shelf of volumes or books, each dedicated to a fundamental topic. Each volume is divided into chapters, similar to chapters in a conventional book, and each chapter is in turn divided into web pages, similar to sections in a conventional book.

The books explore the basic theory and applications of distributions, probability, mathematical statistics, and certain special models and stochastic processes. The expository text assumes knowledge of calculus, at the standard undergraduate level. A few sections require knowledge of linear algebra, at the standard undergraduate level. No prior knowledge of probability or statistics is assumed.

A series of exercises guides the student through the development of both the mathematical theory and probabilistic intuition.


  1. Distributions
  2. Moments
  3. Non-Covalent Interaction Energies (NCIE)
  4. Methods of Electron Density Partitioning into Atomic Contributions (MEDPAC)
  5. Methods Of Numerical Integration (MONI)
  6. Appendices
Old Version ( … − 2019 ) of the Manual
  1. Charge Distributions
    1. Discrete Charge Distributions
    2. Continuous Charge Distributions
    3. Distribution of charges in atoms and molecules
    4. The Probability Density Function of a Distribution of Charges: definition and properties
    5. Electrostatics
    6. Unit Converter
    7. References
    8. Notes
    9. Links
  2. Cartesian Multipole Moment Tensors and Polytensors
  3. Methods of Electron Density Partitioning into Atomic Contributions (MEDPAC)