History of the ISTM website

and the parallel history of the PAMoC website

In 1994, a group of experts of the CNR Research Area in Milan (ARM) began to develop an index of telematic services and public information sites, developed and distributed on the Internet by CNR organizations. Until January 1997, the Center for the Study of Structure/Reactivity Relationships (CSRSRC) was the only Research Center of the ARM to have published its own website.

It was great fun to take care of the visual design, development and maintenance of the CSRSRC and ISTM websites during my free time in the years 1997 to 2012. This page is a reminder of that pastime.

www.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it rs14.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it/csrsrc/,
             redirected from www.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it/csrsrc/

The Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies (ISTM) was established on September 2000 by merging seven CNR Research Centres (four of which in Milano, two in Padova, and one in Perugia). The ISTM inherited both the headquarters and the website of the CSRSRC, which was one of the seven ancestors of the ISTM. More details are given in the following table.

ISTM website since 2002 to present days.

Internet Archive (http://web.archive.org) Please, click the logo to the left, to take a look on the evolution of the ISTM website since 2002, thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Also, click the following headings to view/hide a guided tour.
The ISTM home page in the years 2002 to 2004. The URL "http://www.istm.cnr.it" became active on the web on January 2002, while continuing to address the website of the CSRSRC.
CSRSRC website, crawled on January 30, 2002
However, after a while, the ugly home page of the ISTM was published on the web (end of January 2002) and updated one year later (2003):
ISTM website, crawled on June 9, 2002 ISTM website, crawled on October 4, 2003
The online version of the PAMoC User's Manual can be found on each home page through the link sequences:
  • Resources right arrow Laboratories of Scientific Calculation: ISTM-MI right arrow Software right arrow PAMoC
  • Staff and Associates right arrow Mario Barzaghi right arrow PAMoC
The ISTM home page in the years 2004 to 2006. ISTM home page, 2004-2006

This page wasn't crawled correctly by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, probably because of the introduction of frames. Therefore, the navigation links are reported below, for convenience.

The ISTM home page in the years 2007 to 2014 (March).

Click the following image to get access at the archived version of the ISTM website (2007-2014):

ISTM home page, 2007-2014

At this point, you certainly noticed that most of the links on the left menu are broken. However, clicking the yellow arrows on the far right of the three following menus recovers some of the unfiled pages.

menu 0 right arrow menu 1 right arrow menu 2 right arrow right arrow right arrow right arrow right arrow right arrow

A corrupted copy of the ISTM website in the period 2007-2014 still survives at the following address: web.istm.cnr.it.

ISTM The logo to the left provides a link to the Official Web Site of the Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies (ISTM), published on the www on April 1, 2014.
Apparently, the site is still under construction, because links to pages describing many of the relevant research projects, which are well known to be active in the ISTM, are missing or hidden.

CSRSRC website (1997-2004).

Internet Archive (http://web.archive.org) Click the logo to the left to take a look on the CSRSRC website in the years 1997 to 2004. The CSRSRC is one of the seven ancestors of the ISTM.

www.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it rs14.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it/csrsrc/, 
                 redirected from www.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it/csrsrc/

Unfortunately, the second link (in the line above) addresses an archived version of the CSRSRC website whose images were lost during the crawling process, together with some sub-pages. This is probably due to the short life of the URL "http://rs14.csrsrc.mi.it/csrsrc/" which was readily substituted by the the URL "http://www.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it/". The visual design of the CSRSRC home page didn't change significantly till March, 2002, when a link to the ISTM URL "http://www.istm.cnr.it" appeared, but curiously this URL was still addressing the CSRSRC home page (though, after a while it changed to the ISTM home page).
Since September 2003, a refreshing page kindly moved the reader to the ISTM home page. In the late 2004, the URL "http://www.csrsrc.mi.cnr.it/" was dismissed.

About CSRSRC The CSRSRC logo to the left-hand side is a link to a newly reconstructed CSRSRC home page for an easy journey into the past.

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